MetaSoccer: Revolutionizing Soccer in the Metaverse

Explore the exciting fusion of soccer, blockchain, and the metaverse with MetaSoccer—a groundbreaking play-to-earn soccer game that brings the thrill of the sport into the digital realm.

Traditionally, soccer has been a physical sport played with friends, teams, or even alone. But what if you could take the joy of soccer to a new dimension, beyond the confines of the physical world? Enter MetaSoccer, the innovative play-to-earn soccer metaverse that combines the excitement of the sport with the limitless possibilities of the metaverse, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.



The Metaverse Evolution

As the world moves towards the metaverse, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, the potential for enhancing experiences knows no bounds. People can now construct dream homes, create lifelike avatars, shop, hold weddings, and even acquire virtual land—all within the metaverse. And now, with MetaSoccer, the question arises: just how far can we push the boundaries?

Unveiling MetaSoccer

MetaSoccer stands as a beacon of innovation in the metaverse landscape. Developed by Champion Games, a Barcelona-based entity with over 1 million active users, MetaSoccer heralds a new era in soccer gameplay—where players engage in virtual matches within the metaverse. This experience is powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, following the Play-to-Earn model made famous by games like Axie Infinity, Gala, and Genopets.

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Incorporating the Best of Multiple Worlds

MetaSoccer seamlessly amalgamates the metaverse, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and video games into a single, immersive platform. Players have the ability to purchase NFTs of their favorite players or create personalized avatars. They can participate in matches, place bets on players and teams, and even rent out their own players for profit—all while being rewarded in the native token, $MSU.

Playing Soccer in the Metaverse

MetaSoccer eliminates the need for physical equipment to enjoy the game of soccer. Players can engage in matches at their convenience, choosing from various roles such as goalkeeper, striker, and defender. The virtual soccer pitch is open to exploration, allowing players to redefine when and where they participate in matches.

User Benefits

Users are the lifeblood of any project, determining its trajectory and success. MetaSoccer places users at the heart of its ecosystem, offering numerous benefits:

  1. Earnings: Players can earn substantial rewards by actively participating in the game.
  2. Open Source: The game’s open-source nature allows transparency and collaboration.
  3. Asset Ownership: Users can own players, NFTs, and other in-game assets.
  4. Exchange Opportunities: All game assets can be readily exchanged for profit.

Diverse Roles in MetaSoccer

Similar to real-world soccer, MetaSoccer boasts a variety of roles for players to undertake. From forwards to midfielders, goalkeepers to defenders, players can choose their desired role. The journey begins with youth scout mentorship, spanning five real days, followed by an active player life of 65 years.

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Special Skills and Abilities

Players in MetaSoccer can acquire special skills that are enhanced through learning, aging, roles, and more. These skills add depth and strategy to the gameplay. Examples include Penalty Stopper, Kicker Goalkeeper, Kaiser Defender, Dribbler, Warrior, and Penalty Kicker.

Exploring $MSU and $MSC Coin/Token

Within the MetaSoccer ecosystem, $MSU and $MSC tokens take center stage. Both tokens serve various purposes, including purchasing and spending:

  • $MSU: Metasoccer Universe, an ERC-20 token, fuels the majority of in-game actions. It can be used to acquire players, NFTs, teams, and functions as a governance token for voting.
  • $MSC: Metasoccer Cash, another native token, is distinct in its usage. It’s employed for in-game purchases, such as player acquisitions, level advancements, matches, renting, and all rewards are paid in $MSC.

Earning $MSU & $MSC in MetaSoccer

MetaSoccer adopts a Play-to-Earn model, where players are rewarded with $MSC & $MSU for their participation. These tokens can be withdrawn and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, presenting an opportunity for profit.


MetaSoccer transcends the boundaries of traditional soccer, inviting players to embark on a metaverse journey that seamlessly blends technology, competition, and rewards. As users become central to the ecosystem, the fusion of soccer and the metaverse takes on a new life, offering potential earnings, ownership of assets, and a new way to experience the beautiful game. Dive into MetaSoccer and redefine your soccer experience—one goal at a time.

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