How to Use Google Gemini AI Right Now in Its Bard Chatbot for Free

Google has recently introduced its groundbreaking Gemini AI model, which you can access through the Bard chatbot. In this guide, we’ll explore how to use Gemini Pro, its current version, for free. Whether you’re a Pixel 8 Pro user or just curious about the potential of Google Gemini Ultra, here’s your guide to the world of advanced AI.

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Google’s Gemini AI Overview

Gemini AI, launched within Bard, offers exciting opportunities for users. Although it’s in its early stages, Gemini Pro is available for exploration. Currently, it’s limited to English, but Google plans to expand language support soon.

Google Gemini Pro’s Features:

The word “Gemini” above five separate threads, each a different color, converge from the left into a three-dimensional central helix before separating back out toward the right into five individual strands once more.
Gemini Pro, in its initial phase, provides powerful text-based capabilities. Google anticipates future releases with even more capabilities, making Gemini a noteworthy AI model with applications in advancing robotics and other projects.

Availability and Access

gemini: ETtech Explained | Google rolls out ChatGPT rival Gemini: its smartest AI model yet - The Economic Times
Accessing Gemini Pro is simple. If you have a Google account, visit the Bard website, log in, and explore. Keep in mind that this is an experimental phase, so glitches in chatbot responses may occur. The integration with other Google services makes Bard even more appealing.

Gemini Ultra Preview

Looking ahead, Google hints at Gemini Ultra, its most capable mode designed for complex tasks across various media. While details on the release are scarce, the potential arrival in 2024 inside an upgraded chatbot named Bard Advanced is noteworthy.

Gemini Nano for Pixel 8 Pro

For Pixel 8 Pro users, Gemini Nano is available, enhancing smartphone features, especially for WhatsApp replies. As the AI landscape evolves, Google continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Experimenting with Gemini Pro

As you experiment with Gemini Pro, keep in mind its experimental nature. Software glitches may occur, but the potential for groundbreaking applications makes it an exciting venture.


Google’s Gemini AI opens new frontiers in AI technology. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a casual user, exploring Gemini Pro through Bard offers a glimpse into the future of AI. Stay tuned for updates on Gemini Ultra and other developments in this dynamic field.

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