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Tesla Phone: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors in 2024


Tesla Phone: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors in 2024

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Tesla Phone

The Tesla phone, speculated to be named Model Pi or P, has stirred a whirlwind of rumors. However, it’s essential to tread cautiously as none of these rumors are confirmed. Let’s delve into the swirling speculation surrounding this potential tech marvel from the innovative automaker.

Tesla Phone

When Will the Tesla Phone Be Released?

Tesla’s penchant for introducing unconventional yet fitting products, such as the Cybertruck-inspired EV for kids and a stainless steel whistle, fuels speculation about a smartphone. However, despite the buzz, concrete evidence remains elusive.

Several factors cast doubt on the likelihood of an imminent release:

  1. The bulk of the rumors stem from an ADR Studio Design YouTube video from 2021, presenting the designer’s imaginative concepts rather than authentic leaks from Tesla.
  2. The proposed features, like Neuralink support and connectivity on Mars, seem futuristic, possibly surpassing current technological capabilities.
  3. Considering Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s views on smartphones’ future, particularly his remarks on the potential obsolescence of conventional devices in favor of Neuralinks, the notion of a Tesla phone becomes more speculative.

In a tweet, Musk hinted at developing an alternative phone, suggesting openness to the idea. However, concrete plans remain elusive.

Lifewire’s Release Date Estimate

Drawing from Musk’s Neuralink tweet, it appears that the rumored Tesla phone remains a figment of imagination. While Tesla could potentially venture into smartphone production in the future, existing information provides no substantial basis for such speculation. If indeed under development, and assuming every rumor holds true, a plausible release might not materialize before 2030.

Tesla Phone Price Rumors

Equipping a phone with the purported advanced technology entails substantial costs, likely rendering the initial iteration inaccessible to many consumers.

Hypothetically, if the Tesla phone were to materialize with a basic feature set, it could command a price range of $800-$1,200, considering the speculated functionalities.

Pre-Order Information

While pre-orders typically precede product launches, the absence of a confirmed release date renders any speculation regarding Tesla Pi 5G pre-orders purely conjectural.

Tesla Pi 5G Features

Given Tesla’s track record of innovative features in its products, the rumored phone’s speculated capabilities aren’t entirely surprising.

Tesla Phone

Proposed features include:

  • Satellite internet integration, possibly leveraging SpaceX’s Starlink service.
  • Seamless vehicle control via a dedicated Tesla app.
  • Solar charging functionalities, aligning with Tesla’s expertise in solar technology.
  • Advanced astrophotography capabilities, capitalizing on AI and SpaceX’s extraterrestrial focus.
  • Potential cryptocurrency mining capabilities, reflecting Musk’s previous involvement in the crypto space.
  • Integration with Neuralink technology, although still in nascent stages, hinting at revolutionary brain-computer interfaces.

While these features sound compelling, a more realistic initial release might prioritize a subset of these functionalities.

Tesla Pi 5G Specs and Hardware


In the absence of reliable sources, assumptions form the basis for speculating on the phone’s specifications. Internally, it could boast standard components like substantial storage capacity, ample RAM, and a sizable display.

Externally, concept designs by ADR Studio offer glimpses into potential aesthetics and form factors, fueling further anticipation.

In conclusion, while the prospect of a Tesla phone sparks intrigue, discerning between speculation and substantiated information remains crucial. Until Tesla officially announces concrete details, enthusiasts must temper their expectations while eagerly awaiting any updates.


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